Best Tiger Rice Cooker

The 7 Best Tiger Rice Cookers Reviews & Buying Guide 2022

Best Tiger Rice Cooker

The best Tiger rice cooker first originated in Japan and then gradually gained well-known and fame all over the world including the United States. Tiger is a famous brand name all over the world and there is a lot of demand in the market due to their quality equipment and design.  It is not surprising that its quality, equipment, function, durability, etc. It is becoming popular day by day as it is providing good service in all aspects. There are many settings in their versatile rice cookers. No wonder we will tell you everything.

These cookers help you a lot to cook rice. With the electronic rice cooker on board, you can make your soft fried rice every time. Tiger rice has multiple cooking options for cooking and meals. Tiger is a brand that has changed the way people live their lives. Let’s take a look at some of the best tiger rice cookers. If you want, you can choose our rice cooker from here. We top our favorite rice cookers.

Top 7 Tiger Rice Cooker Reviews

TIGER Microcomputer rice cooker 3GO (450g) JAI-R551-W (White)

Best Tiger Rice Cookers

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TIGER IH Rice Cooker ” TAKITATE (freshly cooked) “JPE-A100-K (Black)

Best Tiger Rice Cookers

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Tiger JNP-S15U-HU 8-Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer

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Advanced Multi-Function Rice Cooker

Best Tiger Rice Cookers

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Tiger Corporation Tiger JKT-D10U 5.5-Cup IH Rice Cooker, black

Best Tiger Rice Cookers

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Tiger Japan Made Synchro-Cooking 5.5-Cup Micom Rice Cooke

Best Tiger Rice Cookers

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Tiger Cooked Microcomputer Rice Cooker 5.5 Go JBH-G101W JBH-G101W

Best Tiger Rice Cookers

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The 7 Best Tiger Rice Cookers Reviews, Buying and all Information


1. TIGER JBV-A10U 5.5-Cup Micom Rice Cooker with Food, White

Best Tiger Rice Cooker

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Tiger JBV-A10U-WY both rice and food can be cooked very easily at the same time with a few specialties. It is decorated with round posts to see the inside. In a very beautiful way, each rice makes rice and tulku, which can make the rice as you like. These cookers save you a lot of time compared to cooking rice.

This rice cooker is usually in high demand for the middle class. This cooker can cook 5.5 cups of rice Cooker. This rice cooker is for you if you are alone or have a small number of people. The rice cooking cycle in the rice cooker is completed by keeping the food hot for 12 to 18 hours. It saves a lot more time than cooking in your oven.

The cooks of this model cook in a very short time. You can finish the cooking process with a few chips at any time within 24 hours. You will definitely like small to large rice cookers with multiple features. The size of the cooker is about W 10.6 x D 13.9 x H 8.4 inches and fits well in any kitchen. What else do you want? This rice cooker allows you to cook rice and food at the same time. Yes, it is possible. This great tiger rice cooker includes 10 cooking settings and an active keep warm function.

2. Tiger JAX-T10U-K 5.5-Cup Micom & Slow Cooker, Black

Best Tiger Rice Cooker
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Tiger JAX T10u is another great cooker, the black body of Steel may be your choice at first sight. This is an updated version of JBV-A equipped with the tacos feature. It is again made by Micom technology which can give you the best food by adjusting the pressure at low temperature while cooking. It is a device you can’t believe, but it’s true. Make rice perfectly every time you do. Anyone can experiment with different varieties of rice to make perfectly fluffy white rice. This is more of a Tiger JAX T10U rice cooker than your best choice.

Tiger JAX T10U is made with advanced steel technology. It has the capacity to cook 5.5 cups of rice and has 10 different types of cooking settings. This means that you can cook everything from the food of your choice. If a 5.5-cup cooker is not enough, you can take a 10-cup cooker.

Tiger JAX T10U middle family likes it great. Also, with the help of this single device can give 10 cups of rice which is enough to feed the whole family in one cooking cycle. It has an active keep warm function which is very easy to clean. In this rice cooker, you will find a pot inside a taco plate, a measuring cup, a steam vent cup, and an admirable cooking book. So, I think cooking in this cooker will not be a problem. 4-In-1 functions and 10 computerized cooking menu settings.

1.5-Mm Thick inner pan, Dimensions:10.1W x 13.7D x 8.2H Inches.

How to cook in the rice cooker?

These rice cookers are very easy to cook. How do you cook? What can you cook in the cookers? How to cook rice and food that is beautiful? I have given you this video to explain everything beautifully. We want to know how many types of items you can cook easily?

3. Tiger Corporation JBX-B10U Rice Cooker, 5.5-Cup, White

Best Tiger Rice Cooker
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Tiger JBX-B10 5.5-cup Multifunctional Rice Cooker Add true versatility to your kitchen with the Tiger JBX-B10 5.5-cup Multifunctional Rice Cooker! This medium-sized model is easy to clean and has a cooking capacity of 2.5 cups of uncooked rice. It also packs a lot of features for its size, including 8 cook settings and a delayed cooking function.

Tiger Rice Cooker is a multifunctional cooker that can cook rice, oatmeal, soup, and more. This medium-sized model has 5.5 cups cooked rice capacity and a 2.5 cup uncooked rice capacity, which makes it a worthy addition to our top 5 best models. Unlike the Tiger JAX-S10U-WY, this model only has 8 cook settings, but even then, that’s a lot! This product is built.

This version is made up of high-quality materials of conventional setting on durability. Its modern technology makes it a safe and durable or long-lasting rice cooker, which can withstand any wear. This rice cooker also has a measuring cup and spatula. It has a BPL-free cooking plate. With this price and high-quality pot, there is more to it than you making think. This cooker looks exactly like tiger JBV-A 10U. It is very easy to cook and cook rice in this cooker. You will find much more in the cooker according to your price.

4. Tiger microcomputer rice cooker to cook JAJ-A552-WS JAJ-A552-WS
Best Tiger Rice Cooker

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Make the perfect rice in just a few minutes with this 3-cup rice cooker from Tiger. This detailed, easy-to-use rice cooker is available in a variety of colors to match your kitchen décor. It includes a preset cooking timer that makes it easy to cook the type of rice you want when you want it.

Prepare your rice the easy way with the Tiger Corporation JAJ-A55U-WS. With a fantastic layout and an intriguing synchro-cooking function, this beautiful rice cooker is a perfect appliance for all those who want it in their homes but lack space or need a timeless rice cooker. We adore this! This easy-to-use rice cooker comes fitted with many extras that are sure to make cooking simpler for you, especially when you don’t have time to watch over.

It features an innovative design and is available in many colors to suit any kitchen decor. This product has a synchro-cooking function, which is perfect for cooking rice and other dishes at the same time. Its intriguing design and color variations make it a perfect appliance for everyone who’d love such a product inside their houses but lack space or doesn’t need a timeless rice cooker.

5. Tiger JAZ-A10U-FH 5.5-Cup Rice Cooker, Floral White

Best Tiger Rice Cooker

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The Tiger JAZ-A10U-FH 5.5-Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker is a convenient and easy-to-use rice cooker. It has a capacity of 5.5 cups and will suit the needs of many households while also being user-friendly for first-time customers. The JAZ-A10U-FH performs nicely with a one-button operation and also includes a light indicator that lets you know when your rice is ready. It is made by Tiger and operates.

It’s also perfect for preparing single servings or larger portions of up to 10 cups. The stylish design features a convenient control panel with a one-button operation, a light indicator, and easy cleanup. The easy-to-follow measuring cup is included along with a handy spatula and rice scoop so you can get straight to cooking.

The best Tiger Rice Cooker is perfect for fulfilling your household’s meal requirements. This user-friendly version from Tiger is acceptable for first-time customers, in addition to seasoned cooks. It’s a single button functioning, along with a light indicator that lights up when the rice has been cooked. It functions on a flat heating system model, and the skillet must be set in contact with the heating system.

6. Tiger Corporation Tiger JKT-D10U 5.5-Cup IH Rice Cooker, black 

Best Tiger Rice Cooker
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The Tigers Induction Heating (IH) electric rice cooker is designed to cook rice in full swing with IH power. Tiger’s exclusive 3-layer metal interior pot with ceramic coating can cook delicious rice every time. The new menu settings include the GABA Brown Rice setting and the Express-Limited Cup setting, which cooks white rice as fast as 17 minutes (5.5-cup model), making it perfect for that busy morning.

The Tigers Induction Cooked Rice Cooker with IH Power that cooks the perfect rice keeps it warm for up to 12 hours and is equipped with a GABA brown rice setting for naturally sweet rice.

Improve your rice game with Tiger JKT-D Multi-Functional Induction Heating (IH) Electric Rice Cooker. At the touch of a button without any preparation, Tiger’s automatic cooking logic system can create the perfect food and actively monitor the cooking temperature. It is very easy to cook delicious rice every time in a tiger exclusive 3-tier metal container.

7. Tiger JAX-S18U-WY 10-Cup Micom Rice Cooker & Warmer

Best Tiger Rice Cooker
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The Tiger JAX-S18U-WY 10-Cup (Uncooked) Mickey Rice Cooker and Warmer, Steamer, and Slow Cooker are perfect for any busy family. The TIGER JAX-S18U multi-functional rice cooker can cook a variety of dishes. Rather the new cook cooks two meals simultaneously with the synchronized cooking function. Without any preparation, at the push of a button, Tiger’s automatic cooking logic system actively monitors to create cooking temperatures.

Unlike other rice cookers, Tiger’s cooking plate is specially designed so that the taste of the cooking plate does not affect the taste or texture of the rice. Other convenient features include a slow cooker function for the cent.

The Tiger JAX-S18U-WY 10-Cup (Uncooked) Mickey Rice Cooker and Warmer, Steamer, and Slow Cooker offer a wide range of cooking settings for a variety of rice. Plain, Syncro-cooking, quick for quick-cooking cycle), with 10 settings including sweet, mixed, porridge, multigrain, brown rice, and slow cook; You can cook your favorite type of rice perfectly.

About Tiger Rice cooker

Best Tiger Rice Cooker

Tiger Corporation is a manufacturer of all kitchen appliances that make the quality of life in the kitchen very easy and comfortable. Was the first to start a small business by making glass bottles. His Tiger quickly transformed into huge size in the world of rice cooker production. They easily become popular with consumers, Tiger’s goal is to foster a warm and sophisticated lifestyle with their unique and functional products.

Our range of products includes rice cookers, bread makers, water boilers, electric knives, coffee/teapots, and many more. The Tiger’s goal is to foster a warm and sophisticated lifestyle with their unique and functional products. Tiger Japanese technology has quickly become a fan favorite among many of its customers.

Tiger Corporation is a Japanese company with the goal of designing and manufacturing everyday essentials for its consumers. With innovative technology and products, Tiger has become a quick favorite among many.

Buying Guide For Best Tiger Rice Cooker

The best Tiger Rice Cooker is made with various advanced technologies and innovative designs to make cooking easy and fun. The following is a list of features that help you find the best Tiger Rice Cooker for your cooking needs. The type of rice you are cooking will determine the size and capacity.

When buying the best induction rice cooker, you want to make sure that it is easy to use and will suit your needs. Tiger is one of the top rice cooker manufacturers on the planet. Using advanced technology, innovative design, and attractive aesthetics, Tiger is creating appliances that make cooking fun and easy. Below are some features you can consider when buying a new best Tiger Rice Cooker.

Modern Technologies

Tiger Corporation strives to make life more efficient and hassle-free. Not only do their rice cookers provide functionality and usability, they also improve your quality of life. Founded in 1923, Tiger Corporation is making vacuum bottles that keep drinks warm and at the moment, it is making products that make the house warm and comfortable for you.

The best Tiger Rice Cookers explains how the company is committed to innovating and leveraging new technologies in its new models. If you cook long-grain white rice, buy a Tiger 5.5 cup rice cooker, a 4-liter / quart cooker; For brown, a 3-liter / quart or even 2.5-liter / quart is sufficient; And for short grains, a 2.5- to 5-liter / quart is enough.

Tiger Rice Cooker is a company that strives to make the lives of its customers more efficient, compact, and hassle-free. Tiger Rice Cooker not only provides functionality and usability but also improves your lifestyle.

Multifunctional Design

Tiger’s products are designed to make cooking easier. They offer a range of rice cookers, with features like digital controls and automatically keep warm, making this task simpler than ever before.

best Tiger rice cooker

Tiger Multi-Functional Cookers are the latest innovation in the kitchen. With features including a rice cooker, slow cooker, food steamer, and pressure cooker, these products are designed to make your life easier. The rice cooker cooks your rice for half the time it would usually take you. When you want to make a delicious meal for friends or family, Tiger has got you covered.

Whether you want to cook rice, steam vegetables, or cook a perfect meal, Tiger has the cooker for you. This multifunctional cooker is not only a rice cooker but also a slow cooker, pressure cooker, and food steamer. Whether you’re cooking for one or eight people, Tiger has the appliance that will make cooking time in the kitchen half as quick.

Fully Automated

The fully automated rice cooker. With this, you don’t need to keep checking if the rice is done cooking because all you’ve got to do is pick the version you would like and then leave it all in the cooker. It’s controlled by means of a microchip which enables it to have the ability to restrain the cooking until it’s finished.

No need to continually check if your rice is done cooking. The Fully Automated tiger in the rice cooker detects the perfect time to stop cooking, enabling you to select the version you would like and turn it on. It’s controlled by means of a microchip which makes it possible for it to have the ability to detect when your rice is done cooking, without any user effort!

Easy to clean

Rice cookers are an essential cooking appliance for any kitchen, but notoriously difficult to clean. The new round design of the Easy clean rice cooker not only makes it easier to cook perfect rice but also ensures that you can thoroughly clean it with ease. The majority of the components are removable like the inner lid which permits you to remove and wash it. The bud is round-shaped which further fosters the capacity to receive all the contaminants and emptied out thorough cleaning.

Cleaning the rice cooker has never been easier. The majority of the components are removable, including the inner lid that permits you to remove and clean it. The bud is round-shaped, which further promotes the capacity to receive all the contaminants and empties out thorough cleaning.

The Easy to Clean Rice Cooker is easy to clean because the majority of its components are removable like the inner lid which allows you to remove and wash it. The bud is round-shaped which further fosters the capacity to capture all the contaminants and empty out through thorough cleaning.


Which tiger rice cooker is the best?

With TIGER JBV-A10U 5.5-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker with Food Steamer, it’s never been easier to cook rice to perfection. This rice cooker features a “smart” technology that automatically adjusts the heating intensity and duration for perfectly cooked rice every time. It’s also one of the best-selling products on Amazon with thousands of positive reviews and 5-star ratings. This rice cooker features a heavy-duty, stainless steel body with a nonstick coating, which makes it easy to clean.

You can also use the steamer tray to prepare vegetables, fish, poultry, or other types of food while the rice cooks below. The cooker has the capacity to make enough for up to six people and has a Which tiger rice cooker is the best? TIGER JBV-A10U is our pick as the best tiger rice cooker available. It also has a 5-star rating and thousands of positive reviews on Amazon.

Are tiger rice cookers made in Japan?

best Tiger rice cooker

Tiger Corporation is headquartered in Osaka, Japan, so its tiger rice cookers are mainly manufactured in Japan. Tiger Rice Cookers are made by the world’s leading manufacturer of household electrical appliances and is the number one maker of rice cooker products in Japan. Tiger Corporation is headquartered in Osaka, Japan, and manufactures tiger rice cookers in Japan.


Tiger rice cookers are perfect for the whole family. With advanced design, exceptional features, and state-of-the-art technologies, Tiger cookers are popular among individuals who want to elevate their lifestyle. From high-quality stainless-steel parts to scratch-resistant inner pots, you can find a Tiger rice cooker that is designed to last for years. That is why you will always find the best Tiger rice cooker on Amazon.

When it comes to buying a rice cooker, Tiger offers a variety of products from low-cost to high-end. From high-quality stainless steel to the multilayered scratch-resistant pot, you can select a rice cooker that is made to last for years. – all of which makes them popular among individuals who like to elevate their way of life and enjoy healthy cooking experiences. From high-quality stainless steel stuff to the multilayered scratch-resistant inner pot, Tiger rice cookers are made to last for ages.


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